Prepare For Your First Travel Experience With These 6 Tips

November 17, 2017

You know where you want to go and you’ve made a list of things to do, but what next? You read this guide, of course. We’re here to help you get ready for your first-ever travel experience, so you can make the most of your trip.
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Check your passport’s validity
Most countries require your passport to have six months’ validity on it after the date you return home, although times do vary, so it’s worth checking each individual destination. If you have less time than you need, apply to have your passport renewed as soon as possible, leaving enough time for it to arrive (the amount of time it takes will vary from country to country).
Book your vaccinations
If you’re heading far from home, chances are you’ll end up in a place where diseases you’d never normally encounter are common, and that increases your risk of getting ill.

Travel vaccinations can prevent this by exposing you to the diseases without you getting any infections, so your body knows how to fight them. They can be costly, but medical bills can reach thousands and thousands of dollars if you do contract anything, so factor vaccinations into your budget.

The NHS Fit For Travel website has lots of useful information, but do see your medical practitioner and/or local travel clinic for the most up to date advice and to book your vaccinations.
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Organise your travel documents
Before you buy any tickets, check whether or not you need a visa to visit your country/countries of choice. Some countries will issue you a visa on arrival, others require you to apply for one in advance, so give yourself plenty of time to do this and get your application approved.

Once you have your visa, you can start looking at travel arrangements. The best time to book an international flight is not too early but not too late — anywhere between three weeks and four months before normally strikes the balance, but do check price comparison websites for the best deal.

Never flown before? Check out this guide for first-time flyers to put your mind at ease.
Pack your bags
It can be tempting to pack lots of extras, just in case, but you won’t be so happy about that decision when you have to haul a heavy bag everywhere! If there are laundry facilities at or near your accommodation then you’ll be able to keep clothing to a minimum (although make sure you have plenty of socks and underwear). Stock up on miniature toiletries and replenish them as needed.

Look up what the weather is expected to be like in your destination. In warmer climes, you can’t go wrong with loose, cotton clothing, while long sleeves/trousers and layers will suit colder places. Some countries have a dress code, or require you to cover up when visiting a temple or place of worship, so make sure you take the appropriate clothing, and maybe a scarf in case you need to cover your head.

Avoid flimsy shoes like Ugg boots, no matter how comfy they are, and stick to well-fitting trainers and hiking boots (if you’ll be going on any treks). Lightweight sandals and flip flops are easy to slot into a bag and keep your feet cool on hot days.
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Get extra storage for your photos
Although you’ll always get more out of an experience if you see it in real life and not through a lense, pictures are a precious reminder of your memories. Stock up on memory cards and keep your photos stored on them throughout the trip, and don’t forget to back them up to cloud storage on a regular basis. Even if — worst case scenario — you lose all your belongings, your photos will still be on the cloud.
Find fellow travellers online
Try using an online forum or app to get in touch with like-minded people. This is a great way to get advice and reassurance, plus you’ll get loads of recommendations for cool things to do while you’re on your trip. Who knows, your online friends might become offline friends, and you may even be able to meet up if you’re on your travels at the same time.

[This is a guest post written By Trixie ]

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