My Not-So-Secret Diary Turns 2

December 06, 2017

Happy Birthday to my baby!!

2nd blog anniversary

Can't believe My Not-So-Secret Diary turned 2 today. It feels surreal. Time flies so quickly. I know I am not being regular and trust me I feel guilty as charged specially the times when I open my blog to see thousands and thousands of views, or read your comments or the mails that you send me appreciating my work or asking for tips and advice even when I haven't posted for over a month. But all these love and sweet gestures mean the world to me. Trust me I never imagined I could reach so many people. This was really accidental. 2 years ago I was completely lost and I just wanted to channel my energy into something positive and make myself a better person and as I am writing this I am all emotional because I can totally feel the change.  I honestly spend more time on my social media 1. because it's easier and more convenient 2. because it is more business friendly but it never gives me the complete satisfaction that I get from writing my blog. It is therapeutic for me because sometimes you need words to express yourself and pictures aren't just enough. So, on this note, I promise myself and all of you that I will be more active from now on. I have so much content but I am not being able to channel them the way I want to. But I know, I'll figure that out too.

So, for today's post let me share with you few funny things I get to hear as a blogger all the time.

1. Are you a model?
Only when I want to be 😂
Actually no, bloggers are just not models. We pose for photos, that's true, but we create content, we manage a business. It's basically one of the aspects of being a blogger. And also, modelling is a difficult field. Just because you get good pictures of yourself doesn't make you a model. Those people work really hard.

2. Did you get this for free?
It's true we get a lot of free/sponsored stuff and we buy things too. Well I don't know about others but I buy all the time. I have always been a shopaholic and no matter how many free stuff I get I would never stop shopping.

3. You waste a lot of time and money with these photoshoots and all. You are crazy.
Dude, you clearly don't have an idea how much a blogger can earn by spending a little money, do you?

4. *Awkward stares from people everywhere while shooting*
This happens all the time. I don't know which century we live in because honestly people seem like they have never seen someone taking pictures.

5. Blogging? What is that?
Log on to and you can find out for yourself 😂

Now, let me share few things about me that has changed because of blogging.

1. I am more confident than ever.

2. Since I earn now, I feel more independent and self-sufficient.

3. I have learnt to give zero f***s. I don't care anymore if people are staring or judging.

4. My personal style has evolved a lot.

5. My body language, the way I walk or talk or present myself have improved immensely.

6. My makeup skills are literally on fleet (Thank you Youtube).

7. I have finally learnt to write business mails and attend business calls like a pro.

8. I basically feel like a grown up adult who has more or less got her shit together for the time being.

2nd blog anniversary

So, that's all. I hope you enjoyed the post and happy birthday to my love once again.

Sumelika ♥ 

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  1. Congrats my baby.. SO proud of you ..muahh

  2. Congratulations. Well done. Keep improving..growing and smiling without swearing.:) :(

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  4. Blogging is that the new poetry. I notice it terrific and wonderful in some ways.