Basic Makeup Hacks To Transform Your Looks

January 16, 2018

Being a makeup lover, I am totally aware of how makeup can instantly change my look and make me look so much better. But there are days when I am running out of time or feeling simply lazy, which, by the way, are most of the days. Therefore, I use some basic makeup hacks which automatically enhance my look as well as save me a lot of time and effort. So, here I am sharing 10 of my all time favourite makeup hacks.

Basic Makeup Hacks To Transform Your Looks

1. If you have got time to put only one makeup product make sure it's a lipstick. A beautifully coloured lips will draw the attention away from the rest of the face. Hence, it gives a feeling like you are wearing makeup. Having said that, you should definitely have a cleansed, toned, moisturised face with sunscreen on. Because no matter how beautiful or expensive lipstick you put, a dull face will completely ruin it.

2. Eyebrows are totally a game changer. Make sure you get your eyebrows done regularly. It automatically gives a defined shape to the face. Fill your brows with an eyebrow pencil and you can instantly notice the change in your look.

3. Use a tinted sunscreen or moisturiser. In that way, you can easily skip the BB cream or foundation. You can also mix your foundation with your moisturiser and apply it on the face. It will give a light coverage and also save your skin from feeling heavy throughout the day.

4. Put your eyeliner with your eyes open. I know this sounds very difficult if you are just a beginner. I  went through the same phase too but if you put your eyeliner with your eyes closed you will notice the base of the line is not touching the base of the eyelashes on the lid. If you put your liner with eyes open, you exactly know where you are drawing the line and hence it looks more perfect.

5. Use a dark brown liner instead of a black one for a more natural look.

6. Use an eyelash curler and start applying mascara from the root of the lashes and wiggle it to the top. The mascara should be concentrated at the bottom. Be patient when you apply the mascara and make sure you run your wand through each lash for a longer and voluminous looking lashes.

7. Use a white or pinkish nude liner for your lower water liner instead of a black kohl. a white or pinkish nude will make your eyes look bigger and more awake. You eye makeup will pop out more. For an everyday purpose use a pinkish nude colour since it gives a more natural look than white.

8. Use a cream lipstick as a blush. Put a cream based lipstick, preferably the bullet ones, on the back of your palm. Use you finger to blend it well. Take a very little amount and put dab over the apple of your cheeks. Take a blush brush and blend it until there's no more harsh lines. You can use light pink, coral lipsticks and use them for a natural everyday subtle blush looks.

9. Use your eyeshadow as a highlighter. The shimmery shades for the inner corners and brow bones work great as cheekbones and nose highlighter.

10. Lastly, I am going to give you a hack for the times when you run out of makeup remover or forget to carry it. You can use Nivea cream to remove your makeup. I don't know about others but I have used it on various occasions and it works amazing. It removes lipstick and eye makeup like magic. Take a generous amount of Nivea cream and massage in over your lips, eyes and even your whole face. Take a cotton and remove the cream off. Now clean your face with a face wash or cleanser. That's it.

That's all for today's post. I hope you guys found it useful. Do let me know if you use any of the hacks above or any hack you are excited to try.

Sumelika ♥

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