My Experience At The 15th Vodafone Odeon Theatre Festival Kolkata

March 02, 2018

One thing that describes Kolkata people other than our love for sweets, fish and football is our love for music, dance, art, literature and anything that is remotely associated with culture. Kolkata, truly, is the cultural capital of India.

The 15th Vodafone Odeon Theatre Festival Kolkata

Being from the land of Rabindranath Tagore, we bengalis actively encourage theatre and dramas, be it watching or performing one. So when I got invitation to attend the 15th Vodafone Odeon Theatre Festival as a guest blogger, I knew I had to attend it. It began on the 22nd of February and went on till the 25th. There were both hindi and bengali dramas performed by eminent personalties like Sharman Joshi, Bratya Basu, Soumitra Chatterjee. It wasn't only limited to performances by celebrities. This time Vodafone extended their platform to new and fresh talents as the festival saw 20 colleges and 20 renowned theatre groups across the city competing in different segments.

The 15th Vodafone Odeon Theatre Festival Kolkata

I, however, could only attend the last show by Sharman Joshi on the 25th since I had a busy week. I personally am really fond of literature and drama. Even though I read a lot of books, I have never really attended an actual theatre show before. I mean I did attend school and college drama and in fact I took part in a lot of them but this was my first show with professional actors.
The play I watched was a hindi romantic comedy called "Main Aur Tum" written, directed as well as produced by Sharman Joshi himself.

The 15th Vodafone Odeon Theatre Festival Kolkata

The story focuses on two people, married to others, who meet for a romantic tryst once a year. They have kept their date for 24 years. They meet over a dinner at an inn after the guy saves the girl's life and even though they were married to others, they find themselves in the same bed the next morning. They agree to meet each other at the same place on the same weekend every year and both are always on schedule. As, time goes by, we see not only love, but a deep friendship growing between them. The play embodies wit, compassion, a sense of humour and nostalgia.
I have always been a fan of Sharman Joshi's acting specially after his performance in the movie 3 idiots. It was a pleasure to watch him perform live. This was the very first time I saw an actual Bollywood actor perform and I was really excited. It was an amazing experience.
Coming to my outfit, I opted for a semi-formal preppy look. I wore a beautiful tweed dress in white with a pair of rhinestone stockings and black pointed heels. I completed my look with a handbag and a pair of shades.

Play theatre outfit look

Play theatre outfit look

Outfit Details:
Dress and stockings: Shein
Heels: Truffle Collection
Bag: Michael Kors
Shades: Dolce & Gabbana

So that's all. I hope you enjoyed this post which once again is something new to the blog. Do give me your feedback.

Sumelika ♥

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