About Me

Welcome to My Not-So-Secret Diary. I am so happy to see that you find me interesting enough to know more about me. Yayy. High five to that.

When people ask me "Tell me something about you", my answer is always "I am very lazy so that's one thing you got to know about me and probably the only thing you will ever know unless you are interesting enough to keep the conversation going". But hey I am a total blabber mouth once I start talking so since I have started you better grab a cup of coffee because I am going to keep it going for long. (also next time someone says tell me something about you, I am going to redirect them to this page, so I would make sure I write this well 👻).

fashion, travel, beauty blogger from kolkata

So who am I?
My name is Sumelika, you probably know it. C'mon I never leave a chance to mention my name. It's all over my blog.

Never heard of my name?
Don't worry. You are not the only one.

What the hell does it mean?
No clue.
Okay so I got so tired of people telling me, "Woah, that's an uncommon name. What does it mean?" I decided to Google it and the result I got was "No results found" So I typed "What is the meaning of the name Sume Lika?". And finally I found some answers.
Sumi or Sume in Japanese means Peace and Lika in German means Messenger or carrier. So I decided to tell people my name means the messenger of peace, I am Masakali, a white pigeon. 😅
And I only tell this to people I like. Otherwise I say, it doesn't have a meaning so I am going to give it a meaning after I do something great for the world and give a reason to people to always remember me.

Where do I come from?
Neither Japan nor Germany (although I can speak a bit of German), I am from Kolkata, the city of joy and lazy people. So basically I am a Bengali Indian. (Ami jol khabe 😒😂).

What do I do?
Well that's because I am studying medicine or as I say it, I am a superhero in white cape. I have got a license to kill, but I prefer to heal.
Yeah, I am an effing Genius. JK. I am probably the most non-studious medical student. Most people don't want to believe it and they think I am lying and studying secretly. Am I? That's the one secret you'll never know. You know you love me. xoxo. Gossip girl. WTF did I just write right now. I am hilarious AF lolololololol.😂😂

Some quick facts:
-I laugh at my own jokes because nobody else does.
-I am always eating junk food.
-I stalk myself on Facebook because I am awesome.
-I love to sleep.
-I was awarded the most talkative person in school (It's a joke. Did you laugh? No? Okay then..lol..huh..I did).

Why do I write a blog?
I have always been in the habit of writing a diary. I basically like to write down things that are important or matter to me or in some way affecting me. I have always loved traveling. I am so lucky to be born to two wonderful parents who love traveling as much as I do. So I have traveled all my life and traveling is very important if you want to learn about the world outside as well as the world that is within you. So we all have some story to tell when we travel. So I wanted to tell my story to the whole world and that gave me the inspiration to write my blog in the first place.
Also, I love the idea of fashion. Fashion is an art and it brings out the creative side in you. Whenever I dress up and put effort to it, I feel strong, confident and empowered. I feel like I can conquer the world. So I wanted to share everything I already know about fashion or styling and everything I am learning everyday.

Why is it called My Not-So-Secret Diary?
As I said, I have always been in the habit of writing a diary. I could open up so easily whenever I write something down. I wanted my blog to be deep and honest. I wanted to open up and write down everything from the depth of my heart. I am a shy and introvert person so it takes great courage to open up. I wanted to write my blog the same way I write my diary so that I could connect to my readers on a deeper level. Hence, the name.

Why Should you read my blog?
-I work very hard on it. I am very passionate about blogging and I really put my heart and soul into it. I have started from nothing and I have come quite far. Everyday I am learning something new and improving. So I can guarantee you that things will only get better everyday.
-My blog has posts related to travel, fashion, beauty, reviews, motivational posts and sometimes a glimpse into my own personal life. So you get to read a variety of stuff.
-I post quite often, so this blog is a happening place.
-I always share the latest fashion trends and get creative in the way I style it.
-I travel to a lot of places, so you can always find a little bit of adventure here and there.
-I write inspiring posts and I write them from my own feelings, so I write deep stuff. You can connect to me.
-I write in simple words a) because I don't know difficult words 😜 b) so that everyone can understand.
-And lastly I am very cute and adorable and you should love and support me. Look at my puppy face. 🐶

Well I guess that's enough about me for about me section. I will keep updating whenever I feel like I need to add something.

Sumelika 💕